Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Facebook, Tic Tok or maybe reading about people doing a thing called Ice Baths? I know I have. Have you also found yourself saying why in the world are they sitting in a bathtub full of ice for 20 mins? 

Well, I am here to tell you why, because I too want to know why in the world someone would want to sit in a tub of ice water for 20 minutes..

And Ice Bath is also known as Cold Plunge. Most commonly  super activate people or any kind of athlete use ice bath often. But you don’t have to be working out twice a day or an athlete to take advantage of what the ice bath offers.

Ice baths help to reduce inflammation and swelling, the water being at a cold temperature cause the blood vessels in your body to narrow which then helps decrease the blood flow to your muscles. Which could lead to the reduction of your inflammation and swelling. This is great for those that have muscle tension from sitting at a desk all day or just naturally have muscle tension, this method could really with your pain.

Another fun fact is that the ice bath can help with helping your pain perception. What I mean is when you sit in your ice bath the cold helps with your inflammation which is also slowing your nerve signaling which makes you feel a lower about of pain or how sore you really are. Ice baths have shown evidence to help those with chronic conditions. Conditions like gout, Fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Did you read my blog on trying to sleep better? Where is another tactic we can add to our list of items to try and help us sleep better. That’s right, ice baths have been known to help improve sleep. How you ask, well the cold water is actually really good for your central nervous system, and when your central nervous system is happy your body is happy, which means you could sleep better. All it takes is about 10 to 15 mins in the ice bath.

Ok well sign me up….right. How hard could this be?? Well, if you ask anyone that has done or does ice baths, it actually , well honestly painful.  Yes, and while most people find ice bath not pleasant the first go around, there is hope! After time and self-regulation, it does get easier and more enjoyable.

 In doing the ice bath you are mentally and physically training your body and mind at once. You are teaching yourself to build up a tolerance for the cold water. It forces you to focus on your breathing and ability to focus your mind to be still and claim, which in the result helps bring you and your mind to relaxation. Remember this you will walk away from each ice bath more resilient than the last.

If being more resilient was not enough, there are studies that also show ice baths boost your immunity.  A 2016 article published but PLoS found people that take colder showers or do ice baths where 30 percent less likely to get sick. I don’t know about you, but I hate being sick.

Overall People who take colder shower and/or ice bath will more than likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, they are healthier and more resilient. No but in the overall truth,  Maybe starting with a colder shower and working you way to an ice bath might be better for us than we know.


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