There are several pros and cons of  homeschooling that parents should assess when making this decision. While homeschooling offers flexibility to parents, they should also know the cons that are associated with homeschooling kids.

Schools offer a more diverse environment for kids to grow up in, which may not be there when it comes to homeschooling. However, a homeschool environment is perfect for kids that flourish in one-to-one learning.

You can also have your kids join in on the decision process, go over the pros and cons with them, ask the,  which one they would prefer when it comes to learning,  especially if they’ve had previous exposure to either style of learning. Having them help in the decision process will help whatever transition you make, easier for them because they were involved in the deciding process.

Now remember when making this decision you must think about your own ability to handle the stress and work that comes from homeschooling. 

Make sure you do your research on what is the best curriculum, what are the best  strategies to help your kids learn. Finding support groups will help you with this process. Remember  Educators have decades of experience teaching kids, and they understand the best strategies to help your child excel.  And you will excel as well with trial and error. Just remember  that with homeschooling, you can offer a more direct conversational approach to teaching that is time-effective and impactful. Here are some benefits to homeschool you children.

  1. Greater flexibility in teaching

One of the main benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility provided to parents and kids. You can plan your own routine and teaching strategies through highly flexible ways. You can focus on three day runs, weekend learning, daily sessions, and other strategies.

  1. Maximum utilization of technology

Parents can use a range of technology solutions when it comes to homeschooling, compared to minimal options in public schools. You can implement learning tools, videos, sing-alongs, worksheets, and other online solutions to help your child excel.

  1. Completely personalized education

The educational experience provided under a homeschool curriculum is completely tailored to your child’s ability to learn. Your child may respond better to long learning sessions, and then a one day off method, or other different forms of learning. What is great about the homeschooling approach also works best for child and their learning needs. You can introduce specific programs for dyslexia, autism, and ADHD, so that your child can learn progressively at their own pace and provide them with a better chance to succeed.

  1. Safer environment for learning

Homeschooling is a safer environment for kids as there is limited exposure to bullying and disruptions. Your child can learn in a free space and explore their potential to the fullest. They can also excel in a completely safe space as they don’t have to adhere to strict models of learning. Parents are also increasingly concerned about school violence, which is another reason why they’re opting to learn through homeschooling models.

 Ok We have covered some of the Pros to homeschooling. But like everything in life there is some Cons that come with it.

  1. Socialization

As we are all painfully aware we all need Socialization. And our Kids need  it the most as we have come to learn. Being around kids their age helps them to make friends, develop social skills. And learn how to behave in public. Schools are usually the place where children bond with other children or adults which  provides them with more interaction than just being around there sibling (If they have any) Unfortunately, homeschooling prevents kids from most of those socializing opportunities. But there is way around this, you as the teacher homeschooling parents can organizing field trips , you can also maybe get a group of other homeschooling families with the same age group and maybe rotate house on different day or subject, this will also benefit you as it will help lighten the load of subject planning. You can also set up  play dates with other homeschooling families. To help them form those friendships. Extracurricular activities are another great way to offer your child the socializing opportunities every kid needs but they also lead us into our next con.

  1. Spiraling Costs

Homeschooling can be an expensive education option, particularly when compared to public schools. For starters, one of the parents more than likely will have to stop working. Otherwise, they might end up needing to hire a private tutor. Either way, that’s an added cost that simply doesn’t exist when taking your child to a public school. Not to mention you are now responsible for all worksheets, you can find some free ones, but you are wanting to follow a certain homeschool curriculum that may require membership. Not to mention you are at home, so you are now responsible for all school supplies, paper, glue printer, ink etc. That is something to consider when making this decision.  How will this affect you and your family financially.

  1. Lack of Facilities

Homeschooling will always suffer from a lack of facilities. You can’t have a chemistry lab, gym, and other sports facilities at home. You simply can’t.  Of course, you can always try to compensate with smart options like a home gym, YMC, but that is another financial burden for you this is again something  to think about. In some case you can use community resources, park with basketball, volleyball etc. courts,  you also have the library which a great resource to with book, cu=clubs printing, video rental, and faxing but remember some might have a small fee for some of these resources

  1. No Big Milestone Events

Do you remember your prom and how excited you were about the whole thing? How about that rival football match when everyone in your school  is there either cheering for the home team or maybe even watching you play?  What about school Field trips, Graduation, Band Camps, School clubs, can’t forget your athletic club? With choosing the homeschooling option, your child may not be able to participate in this type of event or activities . 

Maybe you are thinking that it is not important for my  child’s education. But these events create memories and play an important role in the development of children and teenagers. To be real both decisions are both amazing. Why because you and your child decide them together. You sat down, weighed the pros and cons, talked about it, and ultimately made the decision that was right for child and your family. So just remember whatever you choose you made the right choice.

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