To be honest it was not one of the tops questions I asked myself. I thought it couldn’t be more than $50 maybe $80 dollars, right? WRONG! On average consumers are paying upwards of $200.  Well then, looks like I’m thinking about it now! Really, the reason we have all of these, is we have forgotten about most of them. I mean think about it. How many of these subscriptions or memberships did you join during the pandemic?

How many of you were required to have a Zoom membership, so that you could really make those work meetings nice and long?  I don’t know about you, but my work meetings ran a lot longer than 40 minutes, not to mention my kids online school meets were well over 40 minutes. So yeah, I joined zoom. What about all the educational apps and websites, or delivery services we joined?  Since I couldn’t leave my house, I just had to have it delivered, right? Do I need it now though? Let’s not forget all the all the TV, movie, books, and games subscription we joined to help pass the time. Truthfully, I think I would have joined most things just to escape lockdown!!

But how many of those have we forgotten to cancel? Don’t feel bad, it’s so easy to do when you’re not getting a bill. I mean think about it, all we had to do was add our card and we were good to go. Autopay is quite the catch-22!

Now as we get back to the hustle and bustle of our lives, we may have forgotten to cancel those 20 different streaming services. I mean if we are being really honest, we always go back to the same service with that one show we’ve seen a million billion times. It didn’t matter that we replayed it a million times because it  was really just background noise, because if you are anything like me, what we were really doing was scrolling through our phones and trying to order out lunch again!!

Don’t fret though my friends, there are ways to help you cut down on all those unneeded subscriptions. It will take a little time and work, but it will be worth it! First you can go through your apps and see what you are paying for. Then ask yourself, have I used this in the last week, two weeks or even the last month.  If you’re not using it then cancel it and keep that momentum going. Ohh I just had a thought! We can make this into a game. You can take a shot every time you cancel something ( if you aren’t a drinker maybe a piece of candy?) I will blog later about how to get rid of those subscription calories 😜. This should help motivate you to cancel, cancel, CANCEL those  subscriptions.

If that sounds like too much work or you don’t want to play my fun game, you can also join apps that help you track your subscriptions. Below are some of the top-rated apps to help assist you in this process. All these apps and websites do offer a free version, you can also purchase a subscription (AGHHHH!!! LOL!), if you want to add another one to your list while trying to get rid of all the others!

Rocket Money aka Truebill:  premium service will cost you anywhere between $3.00-$12.00 dollars.

Hiatus: can be used on your phone and computer, they also have a fee, it could be as low as $3.00

Trim: this is good for those of you that don’t like apps and would prefer getting texts. There is no download required, the site will just text message you. They also have 24/7 support that you will get, oddly enough, over text!

Track my Subs: this is for those who want an app and want to play my super fun drinking game! You get the opportunity to enter your subscription manually.

Pocket Guard: this app lets you link accounts or enter them manually. It also offers debt planning by helping you pay it off and keeping track of it along the way.

Bobby: this app is only available for iPhone (sorry not sorry android users 😲)  if you love organization like me this is the app for you. It puts the subscriptions in categories and highlights them blue when your payment is upcoming. Also, If you’re anything like me you and will need to be managing more than 5 subscriptions there will be a small charge, a onetime fee of $2.00 to unlock the unlimited feature. This app also tracks and breaks down your monthly and yearly cost of your subscriptions.

And last but not least, Subby: I couldn’t leave you Android (choice words) hanging so I did hunt this on down specifically for Androids! This works just like Bobby but you can add as many subscriptions as possible you like for free. This app also tracks and breaks down you monthly and yearly cost of your subscription.

Now go take back control of your finances and take a long deserved vacation you’ve been dreaming about.