So, you’re thinking about buying a generator. But where in the heck do you start? Well, I am here to give you some insight of what to consider before going out and buying the one that will make the neighbors jealous, because you have power, and they don’t.

The first thing we should be asking ourselves before we consider buying a generator. Is, what Type of Fuel Source do you want. What Size Generator do you need? What are the top generator brands?  And finally what accessories do I need?

First, let’s start with fuel type and size you want. When considering a generator, you need to think of all the household items you will be powering. A standard standby residential generator is anywhere from 10kW-24kW. I’m sure you’re wondering what kW means. (I know I didn’t know what that meant.) There are two types of abbreviation you will see next to the number size of your generator. The first being kW. This means how many watts are being products or drawn from a circuit. The k stands for thousand and the w stands for watts. kVA is simpler, all it means is 1,000 voltage amps. Voltage  means electrical pressure. And an AMP is the electrical current.

After you have your size down it’s time for you to pick your fuel type. Generators are typically Diesel, Natural Gas, or liquid Propane. This is based on your preference. If you’re all about the Diesel, then a diesel generator is the way to go. But if you more of a Natural Gad or liquid Propane type of person then go with that type of generator. I personally would go with natural gas or liquid propane because it’s just a tank and hose. And not as messy.

Ok, so we picked the size you wanted, and the fuel type you want. Now it all comes down to the brand. What brand of Generator do you want to trust to run your house.

  • Top 10-12kW Standby Generator: is Kohler 12RESVL with a 100-amp 12-circuit Automatic Switch.
  • Top 13-15kW Standby Generator: is Kohler 14kW Aluminum Standby Generator System, this is a 200-amp service disconnect Switch)
  • Top 16-19kW Standby Generator: is a Generac Guardian 18kW with a 200-amp service disconnect plus AC (alternating current) Shedding, with Wi-Fi.
  • Top 20-24kW Standby Generator: is Generac Guardian 24kW Standby generator system with a 200-amp Service Disc and AC Shedding, with Wi-Fi/
  • Overall best whole house Generator is, drum roll please, The Generac Protector QS Series. 48kW Automatic Standby Generator, with mobile link (120/240-volt single phase).2

Finally, accessories, all great things come with accessories in my opinion. This accessory is extremely important. If you want your new or used generator to work, you must have and Transfer Switch. You can get the Automatic transfer switch, which does all the work for you. Light goes out and puff the Automatic Transfer switch works it’s magic and everything turns right back on. without you having to move a muscle, all you need to do is remember where that darn remote went. Now if you choose a Manual Transfer Switch, it requires a little more work on your part. If the power goes out, you now must get up out of your comfy chair, go downstair or outside and switch your transfer switch on and then BAM your power is on. Caution, with a manual transfer switch you are more likely to lose remote or have some take over the TV, while you are out turning on the power.

In overall making the decision to buy a new or used generator is already a step in the right direction.  The hard part is just picking one, and that my friends is something I can’t help you with. So good luck and happy buying.



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